Practice, eh?

Just a quick note between rehearsals for the upcoming US tour (and to show you very rare pictures of Flunk actually rehearsing!). We’re doing Seattle in just over a week, and really looking forward to it. We’ll do all the Flunk favourites, there’s a rather fresh new band version of Your Koolest Smile and Play, hopefully there will be one or two brand new tracks, but the song we’re most excited about right now, I guess, is a cover of Depeche Modes See You.

The studio sessions are moving slowly, but it feels like a great album. Lots of tracks, too many, but we’ll sort it all out!


  1. Wisching you all good luck on US tour!
    Cool pics, hehe
    Looking forward for ya next cd!

  2. Depeche Mode cover! This sounds great. I’ve been waiting for you guys to come visit us in Seattle for about two years so I’m super excited about this concert on Thursday. Woo!

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