Loving it!

OK, so we’re making an album again.
I love it, because Flunk is honestly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever been involved in (except my girlfriend and our daughter and the the first ray of sunshine through the kitchen window when winter has kept it out for four or five months). And this album will be like the heavens and the earth collide. Will put some tracks out soon, promise!

Meanwhile – this is what I think:
I would love to make a song like the new Massive Attack single – with Terry Callier singing like he would never breathe again (the strings suck you in, don’t they?) or Katie Melua singing «Nine Million Bicycles» (OK, it’s kind of fluffy, but…) like there are no words or distances or light years or any aspect or understanding out there to describe real feelings – when they’re overwhelming (if you like Melua, please, please, please check out Swedish pop/jazz artist Lisa Ekdahl’s «Vem Vet» (you’ll find it on the Audio/Video page on her web site) – it’s just like «Nine Million Bicycles» – only slightly more charming and well produced).
In any case: I hope and believe we can touch these things with the new album.

I’ve read a lot since the last album. Not like I’ve been through shelves of books of philosophy and Nobel Prize thoughts – I tend to read magazines and papers (love The Guardian), and there are some quotes I’d like to pass on – because they mean something in the making of this coming album:

1) Leo Sayer is not very hip, but suddenly he was no 1 in the UK charts (with a remix). He said this in an interview with The Guardian: «I’m like a painter, who tries to amass a large amount of material, so when the retrospective is held, there’s a lot of work there to be judged.»

2) Bruce Springsteen said this to Mojo (I was kind of «off» Bruce until I read this piece – he is a very wise man! – sorry, Broooce!): «…I’m always going to trust the art and be suspicious of the artist because he’s generally untrustworthy flimflam, a stumbling clown like everybody else».
Thank you, please remember this – it is true!

3) Ray Davies of The Kinks said (also to Mojo): «…But with new bands I always listen to the third album; that’s the real key to know what’s going to happen. A lot of them don’t know how to approach the third album or even get a chance to think about the third album».

OK, Ray, we’ll show you, we do whatever we want to do and we know just how to approach it – we’ll just make it the way we’d love it to be!

Will be back soon with some roughs – we’re all feeling good about this!

Right now we are (well, I am) listening to:
Joy Division «Atmosphere», «Twenty-Four Hours» (…so this is permanent…) etc
Gang Of Four Please get Return the Gift, and you will hear where the likes of Nirvana and Franz Ferdinand have nicked both words and/or riffs
Arctic Monkeys
New Order Power, Corruption and Lies
Cat Power The Greatest
Massive (that «Live With Me» single)
and also Death Cab For Cutie and Dntel (his Life Is Full Of Possibilities is going to have a deep impact on this album!!)