Hello Bydgoszcz

Sorry about the silence, we’re still here.
Or rather, right now we are in Bydgoszcz in Poland to play at the Low-fi Festival. We play tonight at 9 pm. Should be good fun – it’s been while since we’ve been touring. And we’re excited about playing some of the ‘Personal Stereo’ songs for the first time.

Setlist tonight will be:
Personal Stereo
If We Kiss
Morning Star
Miss World
Sit Down
See You
Diet of Water and Love
Six Seven Times
See Thru You
Blind My Mind
Blue Monday
True Faith

We’re playing at the Hala Astoria, details here if you should be interested.

Of other news: The remix album is officially out on November 12.
But you can download the lot on our website.

We’re working on some new tracks as well, going in a quite different direction than before. But it’s hard so say where they’ll end up and when they wil be out.