And here’s the remix album

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Here is the tracklist for our remix album. All are from our ‘remix competition’:

01 Personal Stereo (First Man On Mars Remix)
02 If We Kiss (Astrojazz Remix)
03 Personal Stereo (Penny and Ashtray Remix)
04 Diet of Water and Love (Allicorn Smokey Den Remix)
05 Personal Stereo (Wet Cookies Remix)
06 Diet of Water and Love (Rumorse Remix)
07 Personal Stereo (Tomasz Bednarczyk Remix)
08 If We Kiss (Zee’s Chillin’ Remix)
09 Diet of Water and Love (Manu Remix)
10 Personal Stereo (Lume Remix)
11 Personal Stereo (Sagevik Remix)
12 Diet of Water and Love (Lume Remix)
13 Personal Stereo (Ian verone & Jolly Remix)
14 If We Kiss (Do I Get Help Lume Remix)
15 Personal Stereo (Sweet Version by One Man Orchestra)
16 If We Kiss (Howard Maple’s Personal Stereo Mix)

The plan is to release it on iTunes and other digital services at a nice price. All tracks will also be available as free downloads on our website soon, along with the mixes that did not get on the album (for practical reasons we had to limit the number of tracks to squeeze it on one CD, but we would have liked to put them all on the iTunes album).
We will have the release date soon.