December will be magic again

The above is a picture from Marrakech, Marocco on Sunday night. Just back from holiday there. Reminds me slightly about the ‘For Sleepyheads Only’ album sleeve photo…

Below, the new flyer for the Flunkschool club night. The November edition was cancelled due to common cold, I’ll try again on December 6 at the Pavilion cafĂ© in Oslo.

And remember we do a full Flunk gig at the same venue on Friday December 14.
Also, the remix album ‘Democracy’ is out now on iTunes and other digital services. It will also be out on old fashioned compact disc, if you prefer the material world! It’s good value in any case, 16 tracks, 16 different mixes.

And – oh – do remember to buy the new Burial album. Probably the best album this decade – still!