Istanbul, Constantinople

Above is a some photos from our trip to Istanbul a couple of weeks ago. The interior photo is from our hotel, Pera Palas, a hotel often used by passangers on the Orient Express. Agatha Christie stayed there several times, including – many believe – during a spell in 1926, when she disappeared from her home in England for 11 days. Read the full Agatha Christie/Pera Palas story here.
Pera Palas is a famous hotel, with tourists pouring into the lobby on Sunday mornings. And the hotel bar had an atmosphere that made you feel you were back in the hotel’s early days, built in 1891.
The photos from the show are taken by I˙lker Kopan. He is a photographer and a Flunk fan. Thanks a lot for sending them to us! (high solution versions available if you click the photos!)