Beautiful Prague

A quick note from the beautiful city of Prague. We played the main stage of theRoxy in Prague last night – part of their 14th birthday celebration. Good fun, fantastic venue in an old cinema hall. Wednesday we played a pretty packed Babylon Club in Bratislava (Slovakia). That was great, 200 people and really, really hot and crowded – and I think we beat our record in writing autographs after the show!
Tonight we head back home to the summer of Oslo, World Cup on the TV and continued work on the next album.
The large photo is from the soundcheck on Roxy, the small one is me in front of the house where Franz Kafka lived…

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  1. I’m a Chinese fan of you! I just heard your song Morning Star by accident in a morning,when the stars just dropped down to the back moutain.
    I love your songs,especially Morning Star,Sky Song,Everything Is Ending here,Sunday People,Probably,Six Seven Times,Spring to Kingdom Come,Kemikal Girl,Play,Honey In Love.
    I’m expect to your new album.

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