The Songs We Sing

The Songs We Sing

Our first compilation album is out on CD and digital versions on April 30th.

We have called it “The Songs We Sing – Best of 2002-2012”, 16 tracks from ten years of Flunk music. There are no new tracks, as we wanted this compilation to be an anthology of what we have done and the selection is our choice.

The digital version will include a free bonus part with the best of all the remixes our friends and fans have made of our tracks.

We hope to reach some new fans, old fans don’t really have to buy this, since there are only minor mastering done to the tracks.

But please follow us, we are making a new album. Stay tuned for info, and follow our Tumblr.


  1. This album should include every single song you’ve ever sung, because they’re all the best! Love you guys, best of luck with everything you do, hope to see you on the US tour one day…

  2. “There are no new tracks”

    This made me sad.

    “we are making a new album”

    This made me happy!

    Several tracks of yours have made my 5-star itunes rating, which is pretty rare. Two Icicles (how is this not on the compilation???), Distortion, Play, Sit Down, True Faith (live) & Blue Monday (two of the most amazing covers ever!). The list of 4-star tracks is way too long to list here.

    Thanks from the Netherlands, your music & Anja’s voice never fail to cheer me up!

  3. Hey,…!
    When are you coming to Austria?!
    I’d love to see you live! :)

    greetings from me!

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