Flunk on Soundcloud

We have uploaded some tracks on Soundcloud – including several unreleased remixes, versions and live studio recordings.
Some of them are available for free downloads. Enjoy!

Meanwhile: We’re still out here. The sweetness you see above are the two main reasons why our body of work have been on the lighter side this last year or so. Both Anja and Jo became parents in the space of days last winter. Anja got Erik (pictured right, and no – he’s not named after Erik – our drummer), Jo (well, his wife) got Johanna.

We’ll be back next year, wiser than ever.
Check in at our Soundcloud page for goodies. There will be more free fun to grab.


  1. Thank you for this free downloads. I’m french and i have hurd your music in a little bar in Istanbul (sorry for my english = not very well).
    The barmaid give me the CD when i ask to know who is it ?
    I like your music

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