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  1. “Cigarette Burns” is brilliant and memorizing. Erik Hannemann is an incredible artist and filmmaker. This little video has it all. It is witty, romantic, and life-affirming”.

    Flunk has proven once again with their latest album that they are one of the best bands out there today.

    They have so much talent. Ulf gives us melodies that are both soothing, twisted, and catchy, so much to sing along with, even if at times I drift into melancholy and bliss. Anja has established herself as hands down the best frontman of the last 5 years. Her voice creates imagery that is so clear that the songs become short stories that you never want to end. Flunk is…funky…..dark…..electronic….melodic….all at the same time creating musical bliss.

    Viva la Flunk


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